there’s something that you forgot

October 7, 2008

You forgot to tell me that we were just friends. When I left we talked so honestly, you knew where I was headed and I knew you didn’t know where you were going. When I came back things seemed the same, like the situation hadn’t changed and your mind wasn’t made. I guess you were going to tell me over the cup of coffee we never had. I never followed up because the grapevine told me first.

I’m not angry, I just wanted to write it down because it hurts. I was ready to tell the world when I thought that we would work, so I might as well let em know that it won’t and no its not a curse. There is no other aspect I wish to balance or argue, I’m not giving up on you, just closing the book.

I’m glad you found yours, because rest assured I’m a get mine, it just turned out not to be this time.


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